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The 39+ Social Support and Activity Group day programmes are available for frail older people and those living with dementia and are designed to promote social inclusion for participants, and respite for their carers.

A wide range of activities are offered as part of a planned activity group. All activities are designed to respond to the customer’s and if applicable their carer’s, assessed individual needs, goals and interests.

Activities are delivered in our dedicated centre based facility in Rosebud and may include:

  • indoor activities such as cards, games, music, food preparation and shared lunches
  • outdoor activities including group outings and gardening
  • targeted gentle exercise programs such as tai chi and chair-based yoga
  • education and information on nutrition awareness, condition awareness (diabetes, dementia) and healthy eating.
Our social support programmes are available to any person over the age of 65 years of age and/or over the age of 50 years for Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander people. Younger people under 65 years of age are also eligible for service under the State Governments HACC for Younger People program and in most cases transport is provide to assist with accessing the service.
Social support and activity groups are designed to enhance people’s quality of life, to promote social connectedness and allow individuals to live a life that is meaningful to them. Like all 39plus programs, this service operates under the principles of wellness and reablement; focusing on the maintaining of independence by promoting physical activity, cognitive stimulation, good nutrition, emotional wellbeing and social inclusion. For people with carers, social support groups are also designed to broaden the circle of support for the carer and strengthen the care relationships.
For more information about our activity groups please contact:
169–171 Eastbourne Road, Rosebud Vic 3939
Tel: (03) 5986 5255
This program is funded by the Australian Government under the Commonwealth Home Support Program, and the Victorian State Governments HACC for Younger People program however, there is a customer contribution fees applied for service provision.