If you are over 65 years of age and have no immediate family to help you get to your medical appointment then this service is for you.

39+ will pick you up, get you to your appointment on time, wait for you and then take you home.

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Since 1982 we have been helping some of the communities most vulnerable people access vital health care services by providing transport to medical appointments.

Today, the 39+ Medical Appointment Service is still managed by Volunteer Phone Operators and Drivers. The service operates Monday to Friday and coordinates transport for eligible customers to and from medical appointments and compassionate visiting.

Medical Appointments

Customers are picked up from their home, taken to their scheduled appointment, waited for, then returned home. Drivers not only take customers to their local general practitioner, but also to specialist appointments and minor day procedures as far away as Monash, Box Hill and the City.
Please note: If the appointment.procedure is going to be an overnight stay or longer than 4 hours in duration our drivers are unable to stay with the customer and take them home. We can return to collect the customers, however there will be an additional cost applied which will be quoted at the time of your booking.

Compassionate Visiting

This service is also available for customers wishing to visit a loved one in hospital or rehabilitation. Customers are picked up from their home, waited for, then returned home after a maximum of 2 hours visit. This service covers visiting of immediate family only.

Who is Eligible?…

The Medical Appointment Service is available to people who are 65 years of age and over, with no other means of transport, are not living in a residential care setting and who live on the Mornington Peninsula.

As the service is run by volunteers, any and all donations from service users we support are greatly appreciated.

Pricing is 55 cents per kilometer (APPROXIMATE only) and include a pickup from your door to your destination and return where applicable.

  • Service users are required to cover any costs incurred for drivers to destinations requiring access via toll roads.
  • Medical Appointment Service Donation Guidelines are current as at 1.1.2015 and are subject to change without notice – please confirm amount when booking.
  • A small additional donation applies if a local driver cannot be found and a driver from an outside area is required.
  • Please confirm amount when booking.
  • Any parking costs incurred are payable by the customer.